GPS Search

A moment for meditation, while the GPS search tool is being loaded … when loaded you can move the pointer to determine the exact GPS location
If not working, give google chrome a try…

As a non professional photographer  and traveler, I like to keep track of the places I have visited and the interesting new places I like to visit.
I weekly browse internet Tumblr, travel blogs on new places and store those in Evernote. Until this tool I experienced too many clicks between google mapsgoogle earth and Evernote. The GPS Search tool makes the use of my time more efficient.

Feel free to donate; Donation will be used  to cover hosting, programming, administrative tasks, website maintenance etc.

Paypal – please fill in purpose

In preparation is a software tool to couple Evernote to Google maps. By applying search criteria, only the relevant places are shown on the map.
Other functionality can be discussed. The money you donate will provide me with more time to extend the functionality and in the end provide me more time to travel.

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